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The smartest PDF editor on the planet! Edit text the way you do in a word processor - using
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Iceni Technology
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17 December 2009

Editor's review

Infix is a powerful PDF editor that works just like a Word Processor! Open existing documents created by Acrobat Distiller, MS Word, or any other PDF software. Edit text seamlessly across columns and pages, manipulate graphics and images with ease.

Features: Most PDFs just contain fragments of text, a few words at a time. Other PDF editors allow you to edit each fragment individually. Infix is an PDF editor that re-creates the original content so that you can edit it in the way you would expect. It uses a set of intelligent algorithms to recreate the original structure of the document. Get the same ease of editing a document in MS Word with PDF documents. You are able to edit documents created by many of the PDF creators such as Adobe Acrobat, Distiller, MS Word etc. You can edit these directly without having to convert them into DOC format or some other intermediate format. Updating brochures, technical manuals and reports becomes easy even if the original documents or fonts are not available. Use the advanced Search and Replace feature to make seamless alterations throughout a long document or across multiple PDFs. Changing product names throughout a manual or modifying headers and footers is easily done. It saves a tremendous amount of time compared to making these changes manually. The layout engine at its heart can handle full text edit and reflow as well as standard edit features such as page cropping, annotation, cut and paste between PDFs, graphics manipulation and so on. You can do copy-paste of graphics, text and artwork across multiple PDF documents. Tab, margin and indent controls are also available. Spell check is available for five languages. Create templates for use by many on the Infix server.

Overall: A nice, simple and easy to use editor for PDF documents. Makes updating, changing and maintaining of business collaterals quite easy.

Publisher's description

Finally, a PDF editor that's easy to use
Infix is a PDF editor that works like a word processor. With search & replace, spell checking, reflow and rejustify, plus the features you would expect from a PDF editor such as object editing, document construction, security and much more.
Most PDFs just contain fragments of sentences - a few words at a time. While other PDF editors restrict you to editing the pieces, Infix is the only program that lets you edit the whole thing the way you'd expect - just as you would in a Word Processor.
Even stories that flows across columns can be edited without problems. Simply tell Infix to treat the columns as if they were linked together and it will reflow across them - even across pages.
No other PDF editor comes close to Infix when it comes to dealing with text.
Re-use your existing PDFs. You don't need to convert your PDFs into other formats, just edit them directly. The editor works with PDFs from any source such as Adobe Acrobat, Distiller, InDesign, Microsoft Word.
Use the Search and Replace feature to edit long documents or to make changes across many PDFs. For example, it's easy to change product names in a user manual or alter the headers and footers on every page.
Infix offers all of the features you would expect from a PDF editor such as page cropping, annotation, cut and paste between PDFs, graphics manipulation, image replacement and more.
New for version 4:
Form-FIll Tool.
PDF form-filling. Quickly fill-out forms that you would otherwise have to print out and post!
Translate using CAT tools. Export entire documents to XML, leaving a PDF skeleton. Then import translated XML back in-place.

Print to PDF Convert to PDF.
Print your documents via the Infix PDF Printer to convert them into PDF ready for editing in Infix.
20+ languages.
Support for 20+ languages. Hyphenation and PDF spell-checking support for more than 20 languages.
Infix PDF Editor
Infix PDF Editor
Version 4
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User comments

Great! I was out of my office, without any printing/scanner or fax facilities and I needed to compile a form on PDF files urgently. I spent a day looking for a software solution that provides the editing of PDF files, but I found only shareware or no suitable ones. Finally I found the Infix PDF Editor! Simply to use and that provides the form fill function for free!!!

Thanks Iceni!
It was great editing the pdfs using Inifx PDF editor.
Keith Puddefoot
infix pdf editing software is easy to use and does want it says on the box with no problems.Found my way round very easly.
Rachel Leask
This is a great program!!!
Frim AB
We recommend Infix PDF Editor from Iceni Technology ltd.
This was an excellent tool (I tried the free download; it was easy to use, intuitive, in fact.
If you can use any of the modern editing tools, this will be a breeze for you to master.

If you`re reading this, then you already know how to get the tool, but here`s a link:
M. Straver
Looks promising, however the moment a font subset is used (bold/italic etc), the program refuses to allow editing without changing the font to something standard. pity.
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